Recorded in February/March 2001 by Kev Reverb at Memphis Studios, Lillie House, 1a Conduit Street, Leicester, LE2 0JN. Tel: 0116 2230303 . Produced by Squealing Pig Discs of Melton Mowbray.

Pete plays a Lachenal Edeophone English Concertina on "Fine Horseman" and a Rob Armstrong Mando-Cello on "Ready for the Storm", "Time to be Rolling on" and "Days of Summer". Sheila plays an Ivor Pickard guitar. The tracks are as follows:

  1. Heart like a wheel (Anna McGarrigle): Our normal starting song.
  2. Jacky Frost (Barrie Temple): First heard sung by Barrie and Ingrid Temple at the Pot and Glass, Egglescliffe. Listen out for them and their 'Big Crane and other tall stories' CD - and/or get the book of the same title (ISBN: 0 9535600 4 X). Barrie can be contacted via email to .
  3. You have no right (Tina Bridgman): Struck by "Seize the Day‘s" energy and material at the 1999 Ashby Festival, this song stood out as one to borrow. It reflects the plight of the organic grower at a time when open field experiments are taking place with GM crops. Since recording the song I'm delighted to have made contact with Tina and got hold of a copy of her excellent CD Hearth, which also features instrument maker Richard Osborne. Here's a bit more background from Tina
    'We both work on an organic farm which supply 300 veggie boxes per week. The inspriation for the song came about from the injustice of large corporations (such as Monsanto) taking control of our food supply - and the realisation that we do not need GMO food anyway - Organic food makes complete sense not only in terms of health but also in local and global economics. That there is no need for a food crisis anywhere in the world - it is just how it is distributed that is the key. We have enough knowledge in this day and age to set up sustainable systems on whatever scale - country/town/city for each community to be in control of their own food production. It is just putting them in place which is taking the time. I could talk for ages on the issue but at the end of the day it is quite simple - we dont need gmo food!'
  4. Time to be rolling on (Pete Burnham): This song would have been buried but for the encouragement of Miggy and Sheila. They can share the blame/praise.
  5. Long distance loving (Sheila Mosley): Sheila‘s song for Chris, who she first met in 1972.
  6. Blackwaterside (Traditional): A classic from the singing of Anne Briggs amongst others.
  7. Ready for the storm (Dougie MacLean): Sung especially for Hamid and friends who have lots of storms in their lives.
  8. Last trip home (Davy Steele/John McCusker): A song from the Battlefield Band that had immediate impact when we first heard it on our local radio folk programme "FolkWaves".
  9. Sussex (Miggy Campbell): A strong song, written on the beach at Pett Level. Miggy‘s written some excellent songs and we're pleased to have a couple on this CD.
  10. Anna (Al Stewart): A favourite from years gone by. We didn't know each other at the close of the 60s, but were listening to similar material and have one or two throw backs to that era.
  11. Spirit of the Hind (Pete Burnham): A last farewell.
  12. Dark eyed Gipsy (Sheila Mosley): Sheila‘s tribute to the passionate singers of the world - and Leicester.
  13. Days of Summer (Miggy Campbell): A wonderful set of words relating the changing seasons of life.
  14. Moorlough shore (Traditional): A lovely one to sing even if the bloke is a bit pathetic. Sheila got it from the singing of Jim O'Neill.
  15. Fine horseman (Lal Waterson): Not sure what this is all about, but it has a wonderful mood.
  16. Pay Day (Roger Wilson): A song for the new age travellers - and a fun song to sing.
  17. Keep you in Peace ( Sarah Morgan): From Mick Ryan‘s "The Voyage", which looks at emigration from Ireland and England in the mid 19th Century. This was written by Sarah Morgan and is reminiscent of an Irish farewell. The tune is a variation on "Mrs Jameson's Favourite" which appears in Aly Bain's book "50 Fiddle Solos". It's a good song to finish a night and it seems like a fitting end to the CD.