"Conflict"? No conflict here. One listen to the opening track, "Heart Like A Wheel", dispels any fears that the harmonies will be anything other than felicitous.

The sleeve notes tell me that this is the duo’s usual opener, and it does it’s job well, to be followed by Barrie Temples splendid "Jacky Frost" given a grand workout, likewise "Ready for the Storm", a well -liked one from Dougie MacLean. Pete and Sheila have chosen a number of contemporary songs, with writers like Davy Steele, and Al Stewart (Anna, surely the shortest song he ever wrote), included. Lal Waterson’s "Fine Horseman", so well sung here, shows us how much we lost with Lal’s tragically early death.

I must mention that the singers are writers too. Sheila has "Long Distance Loving" and "Dark Eyed Gypsy", and Pete’s own "Time to be Rolling On" is one I want to learn. Add a couple of traditional beauties, "Morlough Shore",and "Blackwaterside" and you have a set of songs ready to please, done justice by two splendid artists.

Roy Harris, August 2001